Frequently Asked Questions

The Wales 10k - FAQ's

Please note - photographic identification will be required at registration. Athletes without this may not be registered by the start time of the event.

Q: I know this might sound really silly, but how far is The Wales Marathon?
A: The Wales 10k is a 10 kilometre route (or 6.2 miles). If you'd like to view the route, please click here.
Q: Do I have to be a member of a club to enter?
A: No - The Wales 10k are open to all club and non-club runners. However, if you are affiliated to a club, you will get a small discount.
Q: Will there be timing chips?
A: Yes - it needs to be worn on your left ankle and will be issued at Registration.
Q: How many people are you expecting to run The Wales 10k?
A: The first year is difficult to judge, but we hope there will be around 300-400 athletes running - we are anticipating a large number to attend over the weekend, including both athletes and spectators.
Q: When is the closing date for Registration?
A: The closing date will be as close as possible to the event, in order to make final event arrangements. This date will be published closer to the time, but as a rough guide, last year it was 2 weeks before the event.
Q: Will there be drink stations on the route?
A: Yes - there are two stations on the route at about 3km and 6km in. However, if you would like to carry any energy gels to keep you going, please feel free to do so.
Q: Is there a minimum age for runners?
A: Yes - the minimum age is 14+ years for The Wales 10k.
Q: Is the run mainly on roads or is it multi-terrain?
A: The route is on fully-closed roads, with some spectacular Pembrokeshire scenery. If you'd like to view the route, please click here.
Q: Is The Wales 10k extremely competitive or can people of all abilities take part?
A: We have runners of varying ability and experience taking part - for some it is their first racing, while we will also have experienced runners.